Rambling with the best of em

Welcome Back!

First off, welcome back Mark Berry!

Mark Rejoined the Reds this week after a bout with cancer, he rejoined the team last night at 3B and looked to be in great shape doing it!

Me typing stuff

It feels like forever since I’ve had a chance to blog, I wanted to get some super serial blogging done over the weekend as I’ve had topics I’ve been percolating on for sometime. However life got in the way,  Here I am now, you’re welcome (jk).


I’d like to petition the MLB to play the giants every game!  11-0 and currently 7-1. Wowsers.  I’m looking forward to Greg Reynolds Debut tonight.  He’s been lights out in AAA and to be honest I really like to see guys come up and do well.  Its a nice story when it happens.  It appears (I could be wrong) that against the giants is the best place to get his start.

Bio Genesis-Genesis is allowed NOT!  (Its a line from Star Trek) 

Geoff already said most of what needed to be said on this subject so I will try not to tread over his words as I like what he has written quite a bit.  My remaining points are pretty simple.  In his year plus of denying he did anything wrong Ryan Braun claimed in many round about ways, through misdirection and implying that his tester had tainted his sample.  He never quite said it but he made it pretty clear that he didn’t do anything wrong and that this tester was out to get him.

Now we know that was untrue, he drug this guys name through the mud (no pun intended) and in the end if I remember correctly he got him fired.  This guys name has been mudd for the last year or so and now he is vindicated.  If you go back to all of the podcasts that we recorded on the subject of Braun they always ended with me saying “Explain to me how an improperly stored sample can miraculously get synthetic testosterone in it”. That was always my statement to anyone who claimed he didn’t get off on a technicality.

Pitching matchups

This weekend is going to be interesting!  We have some darn good pitching matchups with Latos vs Greinke and Bailey Vs Kershaw.  How exciting is that?  We are facing a surging first place dodgers team that has two of the best pitchers in the game with two of our best pitchers.

Interesting Note

I met the awesome Big Red Redemption the other day!  Its always nice to put a face with a name!  He was super cool and hopefully we’ll see more from him here on the site in the coming days!


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