Going Hunting

Color me wrong, but we’ve heard this song and dance before.
The Reds are going after (INSERT PLAYER HERE) and in the end nothing comes of it, almost ever. But then every once in a while something does. As a matter of fact a couple of years ago I believe we were one of the teams that was “In” on Hunter Pence. It did not happen then and it probably wont happen now.
That being said I’m not sure it should happen.

Hunter (Thats what his friends call him) is a very good player and its funny because when I saw the headlines today I got excited, I really did.  He has a name, a REAL NAME.  He is one of those guys that just the idea of him suiting up for the Reds is intriguing.  One of the things I cant help but think about is how hes a young ball player and still has tremendous upside.

But He’s not.   I dont know why but thats the image I always have is that hes 26, 27.  He’s 30.  Its often said that a ball player will have their peak year at age 27,  In Pences case they were wrong, he was 28.   At age 28 Pence had a .871 OPS  with 22 Home Runs and a .314 BA.  The Next year? .743 OPS and a .253 BA.  This year? .778 OPS and a .277 BA.

It gets a bit bleaker though, June? .756 OPS and a .264 BA.  July?.636 OPS and a .253 BA.  The one thing to keep in mind here?  In his 10 games post all star break he is raking.  .432 BA and a .961 OPS.

What does all of this mean?  Basically, in my mind Pence is not currently the top tier player he was a couple of years ago.  He has a name and with that name comes expectations.  Expectations that I don’t think he can live up to at this point.  That being said I would LOVE to be proven wrong.  If he comes to cincy which is still doubtful to me I hope to god he rakes and rakes like its 2011 again, I dont see it happening, but I hope I am wrong.

That being said heres another trade target I’d love to get your opinion on.  July he hit .280 with a .931 OPS had 4 2 baggers and 3 home runs in that time in only 13 starts.  he would be cheap and would not cost much from this team at all.  Why you ask?  He’s Chris Heisey.  Put him in Left every day until Ludwick comes back.

Honesty though, if you feel like they have to do something, please for the love of god let me continue to bang the Drum on Logan Morrison.  .274 BA .829 OPS  4 HR in only 31 starts and hes still young at only 25.  Do a deal for him and you have an outfielder for the next several years.

What do you think?


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