Reds Cards where do we go from here?

Tensions are high. I don’t think this is in dispute.
However high they are I have to feel they are higher in the club house. I have to feel like we all expected this team to win all 3 games. Expected might not be the right term. Desperately wanted might be the right term.

We were desperate after the collapse on the west coast to see this team come out and stomp a mud hole in the cards. They didn’t.

But all is not lost!
2 more games occur this weekend and believe it or not they are also with the cardinals.
This team, my beloved Redlegs will endure yesterdays loss and in my opinion tonight of all nights they’d will not only win, but make a statement.

This particular Reds team seems adept at the highs and lows for tonight and tomorrow I predict a new high. Will that be good enough? I think so.



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