Reds Vs Padres

Tonight starts the biggest 10 days In the Reds Calendar (in my opinion)  The team has shown signs of life this homestand and at 3-2 on the homestand can still make a nice run of it.

However for that to happen they NEED to go on a tear.  The only way this will happen is for them to take the series against the Pods.  That is do-able. Arroyo, Cingrani and Leake are going for the Reds, which is a rewind of last weekend.  Do you really think that Arroyo and Leake get their heads kicked in again this week like last week?

I don’t.  I think that tonight buoyed by the Raucous crowd at Reds Social that Bronson rocks and rolls his way to a victory.  Cingrani and Leake will do the same.

From here we have 7 more games coming up with the Cubs and Brewers.  If this team does what it can do to those teams My prediction is we’re 3 games out or less at the end of those 10 games.

If this team doesn’t…..well we’re not going there.


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