It’s looking like a #Reds October. Again.

I wrote this at the start of last August, and using it even today, I still get chills. Huge weekend series coming up, so I felt a re-posting would be appropriate. Get loud, Cincinnati…we’re here. Make sure you watch at the end, tell me how pumped you’re getting…this is what we CHEER for.

Can you feel it building? The realization that what this Reds team is doing right now is a historic run that has *rarely* been seen by previous generations. This team has almost passed the legendary team of the 70’s. This drives me as a fan, this motivates me as a member of Red Nation. So as to prepare myself and others for this weekend. I am meticulously putting my travel bag together, note sarcasm, and I can’t help but feel like this weekend is about more than baseball. Though it most certainly will be the most prevailing theme throughout, there is something different in the air and the energy it will illicit from anyone who dares look beyond the tree line.

There’s something grand about baseball, that people who do not follow the sport will never, ever understand until they have immersed themselves into a fan base. Laughed, cried, cheered, and jeered. Been to the pinnacle, and suffered in the shadows. The legends that built our franchise, that were once figures we held up next to the masked men in the Marvel or DC universe, they were our heroes. The guys who would save the day with a catch, a hit, or a pitch. There’s something next level about the mystique of the game we all love. The kids of the spring, boys of summer, and men of the fall…classic.

It’s Pete Rose and Carlton Fisk crushing anybody that stood in their way, Johnny Bench and Frank Thomas carving a legacy that likely will never be replicated. The Go Go White Sox, and the Big Red Machine. Good guys wearing black, and the hunt for a Red October. If you cannot experience the chill running down the sides of your neck, spreading across your back and raising every hair on your arm…you need to re-acquaint yourself with the icons that gave us the moments we re-enacted on the dirt of our neighbourhood diamond. Those guys gave us an identity as fans. A reason to smile and cry as a fan.

To my original point. I am sitting here, listening to the start of Hells Bells. One cannot help but feel it’s pertinent to this weekends series against the Bucs. The Reds have the hole dug, shovel in hand and leering over a team that is on the cusp of potentially ending their season. But Pirates fans, listen closely. Can you hear it? The soft *thump*…*thump*…*thump* your pulse is slowing down. The chill of defeat is beginning to make it’s way up your spine…the song lyrics ring hauntingly close to reality on the eve of this series…

I’m a rolling thunder, a pouring rain

I’m coming on like a hurricane

My lightning’s flashing across the sky

You’re only young but you’re gonna die.

Listen carefully Pirates, you can hear the pulse of your season…the dull thump of of your heart rate as it slows…that chill…listen carefully…stare into the grave. Houston lies there beside Chicago and you can see the writing on the wall…Cincinnati is the reaper, and he’s ringing the bell for you.

Reds fans. I don’t want you sitting down as the boys take the field the next three days. Get up, get obnoxiously loud. We want those people sitting around at Newport suddenly stopping in their tracks wondering where the thunderous noise is coming from. We are not the Big Red Machine, no…this team is something more…a different animal all together that has momentum and a hunger for the one thing the fans in Missouri constantly hang over our heads. They’ve won. A lot. But while they clutch to pictures and memories, this team has something much more tangible. This team has it’s foot in the door, and an opportunity to drive the nails a little further into the coffin reserved for the 2013 Pittsburgh Pirates.

Can you feel that electricity? Your heart rate picks up… I humbly request that whatever differences we have as fans of this team, are set aside for three days. For three days, we nod in silent agreement that any previous transgressions are being put on the back burner until after this series. I don’t care if you’re team A or team B. We need to be one team right now, without division amongst the ranks. This team needs the fan support, the players know what having their backs represents. Get on board with Ludvig Von Swattenheim, steady yourselves and deafen the city as they Release The Chapman. If you’re sitting at home, get off your couch and cheer for every play, because from the banks of the Ohio River…even now…they can hear us in October…



The Nasty Boys…


A new chapter of the fall classic screams to be written, Reds fans…they can feel it…destiny awaits this team…a legacy waits to be left…new legends born…there’s a new generation of kids waiting to fall in love with this team and remember what happened in 2013.


How ‘Bout Them Redlegs…

Last week, in my latest blog post, this is what I had to say:

“I want a double sweep in the worst way possible. Do I think it’s realistic? You bet your bottom dollar I do. There’s no telling what kind of roll this team can get themselves on if they play up to their potential. So, you heard it here first. REDS SWEEP CARDS. REDS SWEEP DODGERS. And if I’m going to get really crazy, I’m calling 3 walk-offs out of the next 6 wins.”

Now, I often make bold predictions about my Redlegs, but this one may have been the craziest. Instead of going 7-0, they went 6-1. Instead of 3 walk-off win, they got 2. If we look back at that one loss against the Cardinals on Wednesday night, it was a 16-inning affair. If the Reds would’ve won, I might have just made the best prediction of my life. Whatever. I’ll take what I can get.

Enough about how smart I am….


I may not like his sarcastic and almost childish responses on twitter, but I think John Fay put it best:

Honestly, other than the night of Clinchmas in 2010, I don’t remember a time it was more exciting to be a part of Reds Nation. We can bring up that time last year when the boys returned home from San Fran up 2-0 in the NLDS, but we’re not going to be a Debbie downer. Within the first hour it was announced that the Reds would host the Dodgers on Sunday Night Baseball, I purchased sun/moon deck tickets. (By far my favorite place to sit at in the most beautiful ballpark in the country.) I had this feeling that the series against the Dodgers was going to be the Reds coming out party. Well, sometimes we get funny feelings that you just can’t ignore. I’m so happy I didn’t. I sat about a third of the way up in section 141. Basically splitting the position of Bruce’s homers. The only annoying part was the group behind me heckling Puig. Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good heckle every now and again, but I can’t stand when it’s just generic “you suck” nonsense. Obviously, Yasiel does not suck in the least. He’s got a higher batting average than anyone on our team and generally higher than 99% of the rest of the league. So, if you’re going to heckle someone, make sure that:

A. They do actually suck

B. You have something better than “you suck“.

Now where was I?

Oh yes, the game. So yeah, the electricity at the ballpark was amazing. I wish it wasn’t a school night because I hate seeing empty seats during such a pivotal game. But all in all it was a great game to attend.

I try to do a post every Monday, so I’ll leave you with my weeks predictions. Reds will split both Series with the Cubs and Brewers going 4-2. I don’t see a lot of change in the NL Central standings this week. The Pirates may fall a game or two behind the Reds as they take on the Rangers. But the Reds and Cards have fairly favorable match ups.

So, I’m going to tomorrow’s night’s game and to Wednesday’s day game. If anyone is going I would love to stop and say hey. So, just shoot me a tweet and I’ll try and stop by. Until next week…..

As always, comments are welcome. Questions may be answered. Concerns may be looked over.


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General Post


This is the post where I apologize for not ever blogging anymore or for never updating much of anything on here!

Seriously I am sorry, life has gotten super hectic to the point where just editing the podcast takes almost an act of god to get the time to do it.  I will see what I can do to get better at this and to get more time to do it.

I would like to take a minute and mention MLB Ballpark Empire No they aren’t a sponsor of the show or anything, but damn they are addicting and unlike blog posts are something I can do while doing homework.

A Week In September….

This week, in my opinion, is going to give you the best representation of what you should expect from the Reds come October. Now, obviously they have not clinched a berth, but I am going to go out on some sort of limb and say that they’ll at least clinch a wildcard spot. Will the Reds win the division? I certainly think they can. But to me, it all depends on what they do this week. I’m not looking at this weeks W-L record directly effecting it, as much as the momentum we can gain from beating two of the best teams in our league. Yesterday’s performance by Mat Latos is exactly what we’ve all grown to expect from him. And he sure didn’t disappoint. I could talk your ear off about how good the Cardinals are, but honestly, Thom Brennaman has done that enough during Fox Sports broadcasts of the games. Yesterday’s game is the ultimate teaser of how good this Reds ball club can be. Dominant starting pitching with bats that just don’t stop. It’s actually what we all probably expected most of this year. I want a double sweep in the worst way possible. Do I think it’s realistic? You bet your bottom dollar I do. There’s no telling what kind of roll this team can get themselves on if they play up to their potential. So, you heard it here first. REDS SWEEP CARDS. REDS SWEEP DODGERS. And if I’m going to get really crazy, I’m calling 3 walk-offs out of the next 6 wins.


Ryan Ludwick – .368/.368/.632, 1 HR and 5 RBI’s in his last 5 games.

Zack Cozart – .395/.447/.535, 1 HR and 10 RBI’s in his last 12 games.

Brandon Phillips – .400/.500/.750, 1 HR and 4 RBI’s since moving to the 2-hole against the Cardinals last week. (and his extremely offensive tirade)

So, the boys have some momentum going into tonight’s game with Homer on the hill. I expect nothing less than another great performance from him and this offense.

Cards – 1 Reds – 5

As always, comments are welcome. Questions may be answered. Concerns may be looked over.


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