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How ‘Bout Them Redlegs…

Last week, in my latest blog post, this is what I had to say:

“I want a double sweep in the worst way possible. Do I think it’s realistic? You bet your bottom dollar I do. There’s no telling what kind of roll this team can get themselves on if they play up to their potential. So, you heard it here first. REDS SWEEP CARDS. REDS SWEEP DODGERS. And if I’m going to get really crazy, I’m calling 3 walk-offs out of the next 6 wins.”

Now, I often make bold predictions about my Redlegs, but this one may have been the craziest. Instead of going 7-0, they went 6-1. Instead of 3 walk-off win, they got 2. If we look back at that one loss against the Cardinals on Wednesday night, it was a 16-inning affair. If the Reds would’ve won, I might have just made the best prediction of my life. Whatever. I’ll take what I can get.

Enough about how smart I am….


I may not like his sarcastic and almost childish responses on twitter, but I think John Fay put it best:

Honestly, other than the night of Clinchmas in 2010, I don’t remember a time it was more exciting to be a part of Reds Nation. We can bring up that time last year when the boys returned home from San Fran up 2-0 in the NLDS, but we’re not going to be a Debbie downer. Within the first hour it was announced that the Reds would host the Dodgers on Sunday Night Baseball, I purchased sun/moon deck tickets. (By far my favorite place to sit at in the most beautiful ballpark in the country.) I had this feeling that the series against the Dodgers was going to be the Reds coming out party. Well, sometimes we get funny feelings that you just can’t ignore. I’m so happy I didn’t. I sat about a third of the way up in section 141. Basically splitting the position of Bruce’s homers. The only annoying part was the group behind me heckling Puig. Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good heckle every now and again, but I can’t stand when it’s just generic “you suck” nonsense. Obviously, Yasiel does not suck in the least. He’s got a higher batting average than anyone on our team and generally higher than 99% of the rest of the league. So, if you’re going to heckle someone, make sure that:

A. They do actually suck

B. You have something better than “you suck“.

Now where was I?

Oh yes, the game. So yeah, the electricity at the ballpark was amazing. I wish it wasn’t a school night because I hate seeing empty seats during such a pivotal game. But all in all it was a great game to attend.

I try to do a post every Monday, so I’ll leave you with my weeks predictions. Reds will split both Series with the Cubs and Brewers going 4-2. I don’t see a lot of change in the NL Central standings this week. The Pirates may fall a game or two behind the Reds as they take on the Rangers. But the Reds and Cards have fairly favorable match ups.

So, I’m going to tomorrow’s night’s game and to Wednesday’s day game. If anyone is going I would love to stop and say hey. So, just shoot me a tweet and I’ll try and stop by. Until next week…..

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A Week In September….

This week, in my opinion, is going to give you the best representation of what you should expect from the Reds come October. Now, obviously they have not clinched a berth, but I am going to go out on some sort of limb and say that they’ll at least clinch a wildcard spot. Will the Reds win the division? I certainly think they can. But to me, it all depends on what they do this week. I’m not looking at this weeks W-L record directly effecting it, as much as the momentum we can gain from beating two of the best teams in our league. Yesterday’s performance by Mat Latos is exactly what we’ve all grown to expect from him. And he sure didn’t disappoint. I could talk your ear off about how good the Cardinals are, but honestly, Thom Brennaman has done that enough during Fox Sports broadcasts of the games. Yesterday’s game is the ultimate teaser of how good this Reds ball club can be. Dominant starting pitching with bats that just don’t stop. It’s actually what we all probably expected most of this year. I want a double sweep in the worst way possible. Do I think it’s realistic? You bet your bottom dollar I do. There’s no telling what kind of roll this team can get themselves on if they play up to their potential. So, you heard it here first. REDS SWEEP CARDS. REDS SWEEP DODGERS. And if I’m going to get really crazy, I’m calling 3 walk-offs out of the next 6 wins.


Ryan Ludwick – .368/.368/.632, 1 HR and 5 RBI’s in his last 5 games.

Zack Cozart – .395/.447/.535, 1 HR and 10 RBI’s in his last 12 games.

Brandon Phillips – .400/.500/.750, 1 HR and 4 RBI’s since moving to the 2-hole against the Cardinals last week. (and his extremely offensive tirade)

So, the boys have some momentum going into tonight’s game with Homer on the hill. I expect nothing less than another great performance from him and this offense.

Cards – 1 Reds – 5

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Wild Card or BUST…

There are a few things I’d like to talk about in the post. Like Richard in his last post, some of this has been brewing restlessly in my brain like a Chipotle burrito has just been consumed. So bear with me, this may get lengthy.

I’m going to piggy-back on what Richard in his last post. There are many types of Reds fans that make up Reds Nation. You see what i said there? REDS NATION. We are a family. Obviously, not all of us are going to get along with one another, but at the end of the day, our main goal is to root on our Redlegs. Enough with the back and forth middle school arguments. It doesn’t make whatever point you’re trying to make any better. It just makes you look petty.

This is what I think needs to happen for the Reds to do something in the last 2 months and hopefully the playoffs.

Aroldis Chapman needs to be managed better. I’m not just talking about in close situations. I’m talking about in EVERY situation. He cannot sit on the bench for 4-5 days without getting regular game work in. His career stats speak for themselves.

0 days rest – 1.66 ERA

1 day rest  –  1.06 ERA

2 days rest – 3.72 ERA

3 days rest – 4.66 ERA

4 days rest – 5.49 ERA

I mean, it’s pretty clear to me.

We need Ryan Ludwick to be healthy. Honestly, I don’t see us making any noise in October if he isn’t healthy. We NEED a right-handed power bat. We NEED to have a stable LF position. We NEED Ryan to produce. I hate to put all of our eggs in one basket, but that’s kinda what we did when there was no move made at the trade deadline.

That’s it for now. I wanted to get a little into the suspensions handed out today, but I’m going to let that settle until dive head first into it. ( Get it? HEAD FIRST) Bahaha.


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Jay Allen Bruce…

… is absolutely tearing the cover off the ball.

In his last 10 games, Bruce has hit 8 HR. Now, I love that stat, but it also makes me a little upset. Why you ask? Well, 8 HR’s is great and all. But when 7 of them are solo shots, that concerns me. Obviously Bruce can’t help who is on base when he comes up to bat. But shouldn’t our coaching staff be a little concerned that our 5-hole hitter is coming to the dish with no one on base? This leads to the main points in this post:

Choo on this..

Obviously Shin-Soo Choo is 10 trillions times better than Drew Stubbs, but we need the April Choo back. I know it’s unlikely we’ll see him bat around .337 for the rest of the season, but he’s almost a full 100 points lower in June at .238. His OPS has dropped from 1.031 to .721 (On-base percentage + Slugging). Again, I’m not asking for him to return to full April form, but at least meet us halfway.


As usual, the Reds aren’t getting a great amount of production from the second batter in the line up. Whether its Cozart or Robinson, we need them to produce more. When you’re batting before Joey Votto, you have no excuse as to why you shouldn’t be hitting better than a combined .254 average, with and on-base percentage of .289. I think it’s about time Mr. Cozart step up and start producing for this team. I’m not saying he’s not carrying his weight, but I do think he has a little more in him. He needs better plate discipline. As in, when Choo gets a 4-5 pitch walk right before you, don’t go up trying to hit the first pitch you see. Make the opposing pitcher show you he can throw a strike. That is one of my biggest pet peeves in baseball. Not placing all the blame on Cozart, but I do think Dusty needs to figure what role he wants Cozart to have and stick with it.


Is Ryan Ludwick ready yet? Is a collarbone injury really that important to wait for to heal? (SARCASM). We need him back. Our LF’s aren’t doing a bad job at all really. They’re just not Ryan. He was our right-handed moon-blaster. A lot of speculation around the Reds on if they’ll make a play for a RH bat by the trade deadline. Honestly, I think we’ll be fine until Luddy gets back. Our LF production, or lack there of, isn’t why we’re losing. I think a quality relief pitcher is our biggest need at this point. I think most of you will agree with that.

I read an article sating that Giancarlo Stanton from the Marlins is a possibility for the Reds to make a play on. Now, we would basically have to give up our whole farm system for him. But he can you imagine this lineup;

Choo.. Phillips.. Votto.. Stanton.. Bruce..

We would basically have to give up Hamilton, Cingrani and a couple big minor league guys. So, don’t hold your breath on the thought.

I’m going to leave with something to get you excited. Because well, this weekend didn’t get you much to go off of. I could watch this video 347569320870 times and it would never get old.


– @ItsARedsThing

Getting Healthy…


First off, before I get into the main purpose of this post, I would like to defend the tweets I made yesterday about my feelings on Dusty Baker. I have never been a huge Dusty fan. I don’t hate the guy, but there are a lot of things I dislike about his coaching style. Honestly, does he even have a coaching style? Whatever. So, I may not agree with the decisions he makes, but he’s obviously the one being paid here. But just because he’s the one calling the shots doesn’t mean I, or anyone else for that matter, has to agree with his decisions. I am fan. It is my right as a fan to disagree with my teams doings if I so please. You have the right to disagree with my opinion. That is also your right as a fan. What kills me is some people’s inability to debate a topic without getting personal or downright intolerable. I’m always up for a good reds/baseball/sports debate, but you get to a point in an argument when both parties are only going to feel stronger about their side, no matter what anyone says. I don’t ask that you agree with everything I say, but at least be open-minded enough to think about it.

It looks like the Reds will reinstate Chris Heisey off of the disabled list on Tuesday, barring any setback. In his first two games with Louisville, Heisey is 4-7 with a double. I haven’t really seen any inclination as to who they will send back down once the call is made, but my best guess would be Lutz. I like Lutz a lot. I think he has a very high ceiling when it comes to his potential. I also feel like more time in AAA will allow him to work on his mechanics a little more. We’ll see. Having Heisey back in the lineup will give the Reds a little more pop against LHP. Since the series is in Oakland and the DH spot will be available, I would imagine that’s where you’ll find Heisey in the lineup. But then again, Dusty may use it to give a couple players kind of like a half-day off.

Sean Marshall has continued his progression in effort to get back from the disabled list. Marshall went on the DL May 24th with shoulder tendinitis. Sean long tossed both Wednesday and Thursday and is hoping to be “pitching from flat ground by the end of the week”. While on the DL Marshall and coaches have watched video to spot some flaws in his delivery that may have contributed to his pain and he has worked to improve it. Marshall’s comeback date is TBD, but most are hoping for right around the All-Star break. In my opinion getting Marshall back and getting him back healthy is going to a huge asset to the Reds down the stretch.


As most know, the boys are shipping off to the west coast for an 8-game road trip. 3 in Arizona, 2 in Oakland, then 3 more in Texas. It’s hard to guess what the Reds will do on this trip. All three opponents are playing pretty decent ball and we know how well we typically do on the west coast (barring good trips last year). Hopefully, we turned over a new leaf last year and we’ll add to our already winning road record.

The game I will be most focused on is Saturday’s match up against the Dbacks. Mike Leake vs. Patrick Corbin should be a great game to watch. Corbin comes in with a 9-0 record and a 2.28 ERA that, is well, pretty damn good. We know how great Leake has been lately, but we also know how bad he CAN be. Same for Corbin. How many times has he faced a lineup as potent as the Reds before? This one could be an amazing pitchers dual. It might not. But I’m sure it won’t disappoint.

That’s all I have today folks.

Shout out to my guys over at Midwestshades for letting me give away a couple pairs of shades.

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