Just as the title says, I collected a bunch of the suggestions from a whole bunch of Reds fans earlier this afternoon. Put together a little jam session for everyone to get them through until first pitch! Get it cranked! LETS GO REDS!


Wheres the beef?

I have a beef with the Home Run Derby.

That beef is now a decade old and to this day drives me crazy.

Adam Dunn has never been in a home run derby.

Yes, that is my beef, I understand to many of you that will come off as being ridiculous as Dunner hasn’t exactly been all star caliber his entire career.  But he has been an all star twice including last year!  That being said often whats pointed out that the only players who play in the derby are usually All Stars and it was pointed out a few years ago that this doesn’t have  to be the case.

Yoenis Cespedes won the HR Derby yesterday and quite frankly was a beast of a man while doing it!  He also is not on this years AL allstar roster.

This brings me to my idea.  Make it so that the HR Derby participants are not current year all star starters, or even all stars at all.

Heres my reasoning for it.  Cespedes had a lot to play for last night!  He is not in the game tonight and if he wanted to go out there and prove something then he had to do it last night and he looked like a man who wanted to prove that he had been “slighted” as opposed to a Cano or a Fielder who didn’t look like they really cared.

Look at Hamilton a couple of years ago!  he became a star overnight due to his exposure in the HR Derby.

Imagine last night you had Dunn in the Home Run derby!  He would put on one of the best displays ever! Either he would hit 20 home runs in a round or he’d strike out 10 times, no in between.  You could have had Domonic Brown, Jay Bruce, Paul Goldschmidt and a slew of others.  That being said you also need to kill this ridiculous “Team Captains” picking the team.

Theres no reason to do anything else than to pick the best players.  I love Michael Cuddyer as much as the next guy and he looked good last night but there is no way you can tell me you’d rather see Cuddy than Bruce or Domonic Brown.

The HR Derby is fun, it really is, but imagine how much better it could be!


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Remain Calm

The Reds lost a series today, lets be honest its a series I thought they would win, you thought they would win and the whole team thought they would win.  On Paper it looked really, really good. 

Games aren’t won on paper they are won on the field.

Lets take a look at some things shall we?

Last years team on June 6th? 31-24

This years team? 36-24

This team is winning games, they are winning games early in the season that in years past we lose.  Yes we had a couple of heart breaking losses in the last week but you have to see the big picture.  This team is in a fight, a fight to win the Central and a fight for the best record in baseball.  This team has the cards in town for a 3 game series and will go into this series 2.5 games back.  You have to figure you’re going to get Leake, Latos and Arroyo in this series, 2 of these guys have been pitching their balls off.  Yes I just said that and Arroyo just came off an outting where he pitched out of his mind against the Rockies.  I also would not be shocked to see Arroyo pushed a day and Cingrani brought in for one of these (or early next week).

BP is supposedly coming back this weekend as well.  Basically what I am saying is there is no reason to panic.  Yes todays loss suuuuuucked.  I mean really, really sucked.  But you have to see the big picture not just the little speck of paint.  This team is playing overall very good baseball, they’re winning at a better clip than they were last year at this point and just for the heck of it lets look at the next few series.

Reds Vs Card for 3 here at GABP, Reds Vs Cubs for 4 @ GABP North, Reds Vs Brew Crew for 3 here at GABP, Reds Vs Pirate for 4 here.  Those are series that can make a huge difference in the division standings just based on 7 games agains the Pirates and Cards alone!  I dont freak out easily, but honestly check back with me after those 4 series.  One way or another this team will have changed their season when those series are over.

This team will have ups and downs, every team does.  The 75 Reds lost to the Padres 11-2, the 76 Reds lost to the Phillies 15-5, the 90 team lost 10-1 then 6-1 then 3-2 to the Giants on June 4-6.  Every team even champions will have those games that they don’t look like champions.  What will matter for this team will be the last game it plays this year, whether that game be in early october or in early november its too soon to tell.


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By the way if thats not enough to cheer you up after yesterdays loss and give you hope I present BABY PICTURES!

WP_20130603_003 WP_20130604_005 WP_20130604_006 WP_20130605_005

Searching for Answers and Season 2 Episode 6 With Special Guests @CraigCalcaterra and @3RedsPosititves

Season 2 Episode 6
The show this week is available HERE (Right Click Save as)
Or its available on iTunes, Zune, Xbox market place, blackberry, and Stitcher. Check it out won’t you?
We recorded tonight, it was a helluva episode we had the man the myth the legend Johnny D on. We also discussed “Where do baseballs come from” its relatively not safe work, its quite funny too. Its also disturbing as hell. Whats that you want to see it? Click HERE

Searching for answers

So theres a way we can see searches that are done for the blog, its interesting obviously we cant see who does the searches (quite frankly I wouldn’t want to). Nonetheless some of these are funny and some are normal. I’m going to post some of them here along with answers of what you/they might have been looking for.

reds vs cardinals 2013
I assume they were looking for our series previews, which we will be doing another one of shortly for next weeks series!

d of pnc rick pitino
I have got no damn clue what this is about, honest to god.

autographs during batting practice at gabp
This person obviously wants to know if they can get our autograph during batting practice.
Kidding of course. Really I think they’re trying to figure out about getting player autographs during BP. Your best bet, be a kid, if you’re an adult be patient and be nice. Many players will sign from what I’ve seen but if a player doesn’t sign don’t get upset with them a ticket doesn’t guarantee you a autograph and they are probably busy.

100 things reds fans
This person was obviously looking for this

woo woo side the head
I believe they were looking for a rap song called “Woo Woo Off the head” Its NSFW and not really my style.

the theme of best week ever story
I assume they were looking for the tv show theme for best week ever. Since I cant find that here’s this

Was that a Rick Roll?

Was that really a question?
Nope, but I figured I’d go ahead and save the time.

men at ball games high pitched woo
There were a LOT of questions RE:The Woo. I’ll save you time, if you are looking for anything involving THE WOO please click here

sci fi game helmet
I got nothing, maybe this?

Baby Update
less than 2 days until our baby is here, cannot wait! I can count on one hand the number of things in my lifetime I’ve been more excited for.

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April 22nd, 2013…a date that will live in infamy

Monday, April 22nd, 2013… a date that will live in infamy…the Cincinnati Reds and all of Great American Ballpark was suddenly and deliberately visited by 4 of the Bloggers of

IMG_4173 (1024x683)

When I got the email from Richard on Saturday asking if I would be interested in going on a Tour of GABP and watch the game that night, it took less than a minute to quickly punch out a message back and say: Yes, of course! Please take me! I wanna go!

Then the planning began…as an avid autograph collector I had to bring SOMETHING with me in case we had a chance meeting with Joey Votto in a hallway (HAH!) or some other once in a lifetime chance! Pen. Check. Red Sharpie. Check. Blue Sharpie. Check. then it was time to decide wether to bring cards or a ball? Both have pros and cons too numerous to mention here, but I decided to go with cards because I could easily slide them in my pocket! Okay…All set. Oh man I still had the most part of 3 DAYS before the game! Can you say Longest Weekend Ever!??! HAH!

Finally Monday rolls around and We meet up at the ballpark and are greeted by the wonderful Lisa Braun (@lisabraun) who was our guide on a tour of GABP. After a quick stop in her office (loads of cool stuff in there!) we were on our way to get FIELD PASSES!! Whoa! Now, I have posted before about the joy I have getting autographs and even made fun of my wife when she got her first one. I have to say walking down the hallway that led to the very 1st Major League ball field I have ever stood on is a feeling that can not be easily put into words. It just caused me to grin like an idiot, say things like “Wow!”, “There’s Latos!”, “Cingrani!” and other goofy things that I just mumbled.  I was in complete awe of seeing the action so very close!

Once the clouds lifted and I came back to reality, I started trying to figure out how I might be able to obtain a couple of signatures to remember this day by. With cards and Sharpies in hand I stood there watching, waiting and hunting! (LOL!) All of the sudden, the clouds parted…the sun beamed down…and lo’ and behold Todd Frazier (@FlavaFraz21) was walking our way! I scrambled to find a card of “The Toddfather” and when he was in front of me I was able to mumble “Can you sign this?”. He replied “Sure!” Quickly signed my card, thanked us for coming out and moved on to the next person. I was stunned. Speechless. A little giddy…okay ALOT giddy.


The Toddfather & I

Todd Frazier

Signed in Reds red!

 Then as batting practice was wrapping up my luck doubled! Who should we see coming our way but Zack Cozart! He stopped by to thank us for coming out. Asked if we were having a good time? (All of us were ecstatic of course) He then explained he had a meeting to attend right away but wanted to be sure to say Hi! I took a chance and asked him if he would mind signing a card for me as well? He said “No problem!” BAZINGA!

Zack Cozart

I was 2 for 2!! I was so ecstatic we could have left then and I would have been happy! But NO, there was more to see! We headed over to the Reds Hall Of Fame to see the exhibits there. On the way there it was mentioned that they had a new exhibit called “Signature Reds: A Century of Reds Autographs”. This was AMAZING!!! Worth the price of admission by itself! This is how the Reds explained it:

“In 2013, the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame and Museum examines the extraordinary history of autographs in “Signature Reds” presented by Dinsmore & Shohl LLP, a special exhibit that explores the autograph phenomenon through the prism of Reds baseball. Highlighted by the display of autographs from virtually every player to wear a Reds uniform since 1920, “Signature Reds” will immerse visitors in the world of autograph collecting while taking them on an unforgettable journey through the last eight decades of Reds history. From superstars to journeymen to players whose careers were measured in single games rather than seasons, “Signature Reds” will include them all. “Signature Reds” will present the largest assemblage of Reds autographs ever made available for public display.”

I went into an autograph coma…there were autographs from almost all of the past Reds and LOADS of other famous sports players, Celebrities, Star Wars actors, Astronauts and so much more. I was stunned once again, it was so cool the way that everything was displayed. I couldn’t think of a better way of organizing and displaying the collection shown there!

After we left that exhibit and moved on through the Hall of Fame I saw many cool things and loved every moment of it. By the time we were done with the Hall it was time to head into the game and enjoy the rest of the night. The rest of the night was so much fun hanging out with the guys from HFS, cheering the Reds, Booing the Cubs and don’t forget WOOING too! LOL! What an amazing day!

As I wrap up this post about a the day that I will not soon forget, I want to thank HFS Richard, HFS Greg, Geoff, Lisa Braun and the entire Reds organization without all of you I would not have had the chance at such a wonderful experience! 

God Bless you all.
– Joe –

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