Need Some New Reds Gear? Check Here First!


If you happened to catch my very first blog post – Hello, My Name Is Geoff – then you might remember that I said I may plug in a few of my favorite establishments and organizations into some other posts.  Well, this post is kinda what I was talking about, except I’m not plugging them into a post, but rather making the whole post about them.

In The Gap Shirts is an organization of four people that have been pumping out high-quality, Reds based gear for two years (as of May 14th, so that’s close enough for me to call it “two years”).  Kevin, Ronnie, Sarah and Mandy all have their roles in the business plan as ITG strives to make more shirts and sweatshirts for a growing following of fans.  They are a “basement operation” based near Columbus, making them the “micro-brewers” of the apparel industry.

Most of their shirt designs revolve around specific players, such as Sam LeCure and Ryan Ludwick.  Their designs are clean and family friendly and the shirts they are printed on are high quality threads.  Their newest gem is a Hulk Hogan/Ryan Ludwick offering with “BROTHER” written below an image of Ludwick doing his best Hulkamania impression.  The “FUNKBLAST!” shirt is surely another popular one, and I’m sure it won’t be long until something involving the “Woo!” is available.




While I really like the designs of the shirts, what really sets ITG Shirts apart from most other operations is what they do with the profits: they give them away.

Over the past two years, In The Gap Shirts has donated proceeds to the Movemeber campaign, a favorite of Reds pitcher Sam LeCure, which has helped raise money worldwide for raising awareness of men’s health issues, the Children’s Hospitals in both Columbus and Cincinnati, the Alzheimer’s Association of Indiana with the help of Reds minor league catcher Tucker Barnhart and a group commonly known as Team Madison (#TeamMadison on Twitter), who is dedicated to supporting a young girl in Cincinnati who was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. (At the time of this posting, #TeamMadison had just announced that Madison was “NED” – NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE! Way to go, Madison!!!)

I like supporting organizations that care.  That is one of the reasons why I support the Reds Community Fund – they care.  In The Gap Shirts also cares, and it’s great to throw a little support their way to help them support other causes they believe in and want to bring attention to. Bravo, ITG! Bravo!

In The Gap Shirts offers great shirts and sweatshirts at competitive prices. They are a highly responsive team of people who seem to love what they do. You can look for them on Twitter at @InTheGapShirts to suggest ideas for their next design or check out their website at to order something already in production. 





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Any information given about In The Gap Shirts was provided by the organization and not fact checked by Head First Slide, however, they are a very transparent organization who has regularly provided charity and giveaway updates via their Twitter feed, so I think their information is reliable.  If you’re interested in sharing feedback, leave a comment below or look for me on Twitter at @GeoffreyHoman.  Thanks for reading!