Tan Rested & Ready A’s Series Preivew


No this isn’t the post where I beg the Reds to bring back former Hamilton Baseball god Mark Lewis.  That’ll come later in the season.

This is where we look at the effects of a team off day on the team.  So my question is do the bat wake up after an off day?  Does the pitching tighten up?  Do we win more than we lose?  Lets go one by one.

April 12 following an off day the Reds faced the Pirates and lost 6-5.

May 9 was the next off day and they went on to face Milwaukee and win 4-3 on the 10th.

May 14th following an off day the Reds beat the Marlins 6-2.

May 24th the well rested Reds faced off against the Cubbies and won 7-4.

June 7th the team must have been up all night partying on their off day because they lost 9-2.

This brings us here to the next off day June 24th.

The Reds have stiff competition tomorrow with the A’s and are going into the game 3-2 in off off-day battles.   Will they improve to 4-2?   Will they fall to 3-3?


The Pitching matchup has the ability to be interesting.  Arroyo who has been lights out like most of our starters have versus Tommy Millone.  Aside from the fact that kid has a name that sounds like he should be part of Frank Costello’s crew in the Departed he carries a 3.98 ERA and has never faced the Reds.  Aside from that the only Reds hitter he has any experience against is Choo whom owns a .200 batting average in 5 PA’s against him.

Arroyo has faced the A’s as an organization to the tune of  3-1 3.96 ERA  but has not faced much of this current team.  The only guys with significant At Bats against him are Chris Young and Seth Snith (.190 and .308 respectively).

Knowing all that I’ll say this favors the Reds.  Tommy will be coming in off a 6 Run performance and will be looking to bounce back.  The Reds potent line up is not the one to do that against.

Prediction Reds 6 A’s 3

The second of the two game series pits Homer Bailey against A.J. Griffin

AJ is winless in his last five starts and for that matter I’ve never heard of him.  For someone in a 14 team fantasy baseball league to have never heard of a pitcher does not bode well for that pitcher.  He’s never faced the Reds or any Reds hitters.

Homer on the other hand after a rough outing against the pirates where he admitted to not having control of 3/4 pitches is looking to get back into batman form.

Prediction Reds 5 A’s 2

Lingering Questions

Can Jay Bruce stay on his tear?   The dude is hitting the hell out of the ball, and he’s got offers to life coach from all around the world, will we lose him to a world leader?   I suspect he’ll life coach for Tom Cruise next.

Is it really a slump if you have 2 bad games in a row?   Ask Joey Votto.


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Snakes…I hate snakes!



The Reds, fresh off of a four game split against the “competitive” Pittsburgh Pirates, head out on a crucial eight game road trip. And this isn’t your run of the mill road trip, this is your dreaded west coast road trip! Any of you familiar with the twitter community for the Reds, will remember that last years big west coast swing was the starting point of the “Reds Twitter Fam”. Also known as the slumber party, because most games ended at or near 1am EST. It starts with three at Arizona, two in Oakland, and finishing with a three game set at the ball park in Arlington.


Redlegs In The Empty Park!

Johnny Cueto is back, and healthy to take the ball for Dusty Baker on Friday night, posting two victories while sporting a shiny .086 ERA in his last three starts. Johnny over his career has started six games against the D-Bags…Backs! D-Backs! And has five wins to show for it, along with his 1.66 career ERA against Arizona. A .143 BA against, doesn’t really give us much cause for concern going into Friday nights series opener. That is until you really take a look at the lineup that the 2013 Diamondbacks offer up. Wade Miley counters for ‘Zona, with an ERA flirting around the 6.50 mark over his last half dozen starts. Players to watch against Miley on Friday? There’s nothing much more than a small sample size of our hitters against Miley, however, those that have faced him, have hit him with success.  Bruce is mired in an ofer streak against the D’Backs, and hitting behind BP, I’m going to hesitate a guess that he continues his torrid streak, adding to an already sterling start to his 2013 season. Cozart is 0-7 with 3k’s, so it will be interesting to see where Dusty lets Cozy hit tomorrow night as well. On the flip side, watch for Martin Prado to continue hitting Cueto well (.417, 1.200+ OPS in 12 career AB) and cause some grief on the basepaths ahead of Goldschmidt.


Tony Cingrani, and the Scowl of DOOOOOOOM!


The second game in the series promises to be fun to watch for most baseball fans, as Mike Leake and his outstanding 2013 season, square off against Cy Young candidate Patrick Corbin, who sports a 9-0 record to compliment his unbelievable 2.28 ERA thus far in the season. I look for recent trends to continue, as Leake has been approaching the potential he was drafted for, and D’Backs/Reds fans to be treated to an unbelievable pitchers duel. That being said, it will wind up being a 10-9, or 12-10, game and hopefully have our “Never Say Die” Redlegs on the winning side. With Corbin having never faced a batter in the Reds lineup, I look for Choo/Votto to cause him the most distress when it comes to our hitters leaving a mark. Unsettling numbers for this matchup? Leake’s ERA  is a hair under 8.00 in three career starts against Arizona. Maybe the good old Black Sleep will keep our batters knocking around AZ’s staff. “MANNY PARRAAAAAAAAAAA!”


Mat Latos, and the needed FUNKBLAST-ADE

Surprise, surprise, Mat will be pitching on another Sunday before a travel day. Stop me if any of this sounds familiar just yet. The best performance from a pitching standpoint on the weekend, may in fact, come from the guy who has faced this team the most. Mr. Dallas will be set to make his seventh career start against Arizona, going in with his 3.25 lifetime ERA against the team, and 41k’s in 36 IP. With the way our staff lines up to face Arizona, look for the bullpen to get a much needed breather over the next three days, heading into another off/travel day before facing the Athletics.


I predict a 2-1 series win, improving the overall 2013 road record to 20-17, and a big weekend for Devin Mesoraco. Bruce keeps it rolling, Votto gets back on track with his average, and we see a potential Cy Young duel on Saturday. Yeah, the Mike Leake game, try not to forget that Mike leads this team in wins AND ERA right now.


I’ll leave you with this. The real series preview, the Reds know there’s blood in the water!


Streaming Consciousness of a Reds fan 5/14/13

I had wanted to get a Fish series preview up today, but sadly could not. I ended up being just too busy with work and baby related appointments.

Some Comments on the Reds
1)Do we really need to preview this series? I think more people will read the words I’m writing right now than will go to the game. That being said Baily, Leake, Cingrani sounds like 3 winners to me. Maybe 2 winners, but lets be honest you have to expect to beat the marlins every time you play them. You may only take 2/3 but you have to go for more.

2)Johnny Cueto had a rehab start tonight, it went well. 0 Runs given up and now the word is he is ready to come back. Who do you send down? its getting tough to make that decision. Leake has been mediocre posting a 4.32 ERA to this point, but like usual showing flashes of brilliance. He’ll go 7 innings of no run baseball then go 3 innings with 3 runs. He has definitely been a work in progress, but he’s only 25.
Cingrani on the other hand has a 2.89 ERA in his starts, but has also had some short starts like Mr Leake including a 4 inning start last time out.
In the end Uncle Walts decision is going to have to come down to who is “hotter” at the time and I think that will in the end go to Cingrani.

3)What do you do when Chris Heisey is healthy? 2 weeks ago this wasnt even a question let alone a tough one. Now you have to really ask. What do you do? Heisey, Paul, Lutz only 2 of them can stay and sending Paul down seems ridiculous because when given the chance he has performed. Sending Lutz down seems ridiculous because he has also performed (really really well) and may be your LF of the future. So what do you do? Can we send Wilson Valdez Down? (kidding of course, I know its not last year) Its not very hard to imagine keeping Lutz as a our every day LF, its hard imagining Paul or Heisey not on the team.

Theater 19 stuff
1)I’m seeing star trek tomorrow, if you happen to be going to the sneak peak at AMC at 8:00 PM let me know and we can say hello!
2)Finally watched a Good Day to Die Hard tonight. While not a terrible movie like most critics would have you believe I was a bit let down. The ending felt just not right for a die hard movie.
what I did like were the nice little call backs to all the stuff from previous movies. mentioning stuff like not liking cowboys is a nice nod back. Same with the death of one of the villains being a call back to the death of hans gruber.
It was nice having the curse words back, honestly that was the only thing I did not like about live free or die hard.

3)I do hope that if they really do another one they spend a little more time on the script, I’d even be cool with the same director.

Thats it for today!

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Reds vs Braves series Preview

Reds Vs Braves series preview
Whoa what a road trip huh?
What started as a disaster ended as a pretty mediocre 5-5 road trip. Had you asked before the road trip I would have said I hoped for a 7-3/6-4 road trip. 5-5 is not a great road trip but after everything that transpired this road trip you can’t help but be bit happy with it.
They have the braves in town now for a 3 game series that thankfully ends with a Reds off day after the recent 2,000 game stretch without an off day any days off they get are appreciated.
The brsves are currently in the lead in the east and what kills me is this is a team that is underachieving.
Dan Uggla, Jason Heyward and BJ Upton are hitting a combined batting average of around .157. Heyward has been injured so for that matter has McCann the all star catcher. Meanwhile guys like Freddy Freeman and Chris Johnson are playing crazy baseball right now.
The Reds are coming off a 3 game series where they did great things agsinst the cubs. They completed the sweep in convincing fashion scoring 6,6,7 runs. There was some drama in the Friday and Saturday games, but come on we all knew how it was going to end.
The Reds do have an interesting series of pitching matchups. They have Arroyo, Bailey and Leake going while Bailey got roughed up a bit last week that’s still a interesting and hopefully good series of pitchers. They are facing Paul Maholm, Kris Medlen and Mike Minor. All 3 of these guys have a sub 3.5 ERA, This is why this team is winning.
This will be a tough series.
The Braves will take the series if:
1)Our pitchers blowup. This shouldn’t need too much explanation with our 3 pitchers.
2)Our bats fall back asleep. This team must have gotten Jobu the live chicken he needed because good lord did they came to life in Chicago!
3)The Braves offense wakes up, McCanns coming back, and Upton/Uggla have way more talent than they have shown.
The Reds will win the series if:
1)Pitching does what pitching does. If they do what they can this series goes the reds way.
2)The bats stay woken up. Lets just pray to god this happens. Its depressing when the bats go to sleep.
3)Braves pitchers live up to the hype. The braves pitchers have a reputation for being ridiculously good. If they do what they can do this could be a long series.
Final take, Reds 2-1