Getting Healthy…


First off, before I get into the main purpose of this post, I would like to defend the tweets I made yesterday about my feelings on Dusty Baker. I have never been a huge Dusty fan. I don’t hate the guy, but there are a lot of things I dislike about his coaching style. Honestly, does he even have a coaching style? Whatever. So, I may not agree with the decisions he makes, but he’s obviously the one being paid here. But just because he’s the one calling the shots doesn’t mean I, or anyone else for that matter, has to agree with his decisions. I am fan. It is my right as a fan to disagree with my teams doings if I so please. You have the right to disagree with my opinion. That is also your right as a fan. What kills me is some people’s inability to debate a topic without getting personal or downright intolerable. I’m always up for a good reds/baseball/sports debate, but you get to a point in an argument when both parties are only going to feel stronger about their side, no matter what anyone says. I don’t ask that you agree with everything I say, but at least be open-minded enough to think about it.

It looks like the Reds will reinstate Chris Heisey off of the disabled list on Tuesday, barring any setback. In his first two games with Louisville, Heisey is 4-7 with a double. I haven’t really seen any inclination as to who they will send back down once the call is made, but my best guess would be Lutz. I like Lutz a lot. I think he has a very high ceiling when it comes to his potential. I also feel like more time in AAA will allow him to work on his mechanics a little more. We’ll see. Having Heisey back in the lineup will give the Reds a little more pop against LHP. Since the series is in Oakland and the DH spot will be available, I would imagine that’s where you’ll find Heisey in the lineup. But then again, Dusty may use it to give a couple players kind of like a half-day off.

Sean Marshall has continued his progression in effort to get back from the disabled list. Marshall went on the DL May 24th with shoulder tendinitis. Sean long tossed both Wednesday and Thursday and is hoping to be “pitching from flat ground by the end of the week”. While on the DL Marshall and coaches have watched video to spot some flaws in his delivery that may have contributed to his pain and he has worked to improve it. Marshall’s comeback date is TBD, but most are hoping for right around the All-Star break. In my opinion getting Marshall back and getting him back healthy is going to a huge asset to the Reds down the stretch.


As most know, the boys are shipping off to the west coast for an 8-game road trip. 3 in Arizona, 2 in Oakland, then 3 more in Texas. It’s hard to guess what the Reds will do on this trip. All three opponents are playing pretty decent ball and we know how well we typically do on the west coast (barring good trips last year). Hopefully, we turned over a new leaf last year and we’ll add to our already winning road record.

The game I will be most focused on is Saturday’s match up against the Dbacks. Mike Leake vs. Patrick Corbin should be a great game to watch. Corbin comes in with a 9-0 record and a 2.28 ERA that, is well, pretty damn good. We know how great Leake has been lately, but we also know how bad he CAN be. Same for Corbin. How many times has he faced a lineup as potent as the Reds before? This one could be an amazing pitchers dual. It might not. But I’m sure it won’t disappoint.

That’s all I have today folks.

Shout out to my guys over at Midwestshades for letting me give away a couple pairs of shades.

As always, comments are welcome. Questions may be answered. Concerns may be looked over.


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One Thing Any Reds Fan Should Do



It’s the shiny new car in the garage at my house…  Finally, after first hearing about the book months ago on Joel Luckhaupt’s Twitter account (@JLuckhaupt), I had the chance to go to an event I was looking forward to hitting up.  A book signing for 100 Things Reds Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die.

Last Saturday, the Reds invited Joel to Great American Ballpark for a meet and greet book signing event during the Reds vs Nationals game. The Bearcats were also taking on the nationally ranked Louisville Cardinals on the same field after the game. So many things I wanted to see/do/be apart of were happening at Great American Ballpark on Saturday… Unfortunately, another thing on the schedule for Saturday was work in Deerfield Township. I had to miss “The Event”.

So when Joel started promoting his book signing that would take place on Wednesday evening, I was excited! Not only was I free from the icy grips of the bossman, but the event time allowed me to not miss the Reds/Cardinals game AND meant I would be home in plenty of time for the new installments of Duck Dynasty (That’s right, JACK!)

What I didn’t realize was that this book would have the kind of hook that kept you reading long after your shows start, your wife goes to bed and you know it’s too late to be awake.  Before you know it, you’re reading about topics you’ve heard of for years, but the little bits of new information keep you reading along. Each chapter is just short enough that you say “I’ll read one more, then call it a night” until you get to the next topic and find that it is something you really enjoy, so when you realize it isn’t too long, you say “I’ll read one more, then call it a night”.

The list contains more things a Reds fan should “know” rather than what they should “do” before they die, and chances are that if you’re reading this Reds-based blog, you’ve already checked off most of them.  The to-do list is more of a validation checklist for the Reds-centric lifestyle we lead. That and an excuse to start saving some dollars for Reds Fantasy Camp.

One of the most interesting parts of this book was getting a chance to listen to the author speak about the book before the signing.  Joel fielded every question from the audience with a style of informative, interesting and funny-when-he-wanted-to-be answers.  He supported a youngster’s dream of working towards taking Joel’s statisticians job while being honest and letting the whippersnapper know that Joel never plans on quitting the job – ever. He listened while audience members told him did-you-knows about his favorite player, which is like telling Louisville Slugger tidbits about baseball bats, but Joel listened to the factoids and turned them into other stories for the audience’s enjoyment.

All in all, the event was a great time.  I highly recommend picking up this book for your Reds library (#71 on your list, by the way).  Keep a lookout for more signing opportunities through Joel’s twitter account because if you can, that is the way to pick up this book.


Thanks for reading!

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They did WHAT with Votto’s jersey?!


Anyone who has collected baseball, or for that matter any sports cards, over the past few years has probably seem, heard or even pulled a “Relic” or “Jersey” card from a pack. Jersey cards are by definition: a card containing a piece of material taken from a jersey worn by a player or athlete. While the introduction of these cards into products was originally a great idea and very unlike anything ever seen before, nowadays these cards are seen as common place in boxes of cards.

The reason for most of the “meh, who cares” attitude toward Jersey cards is because of how the card companies have been getting the jerseys from the players and how they have been classifying what the jersey material is. Lets look at different jersey cards to see what I mean.

The most popular jersey cards are game-used or game-worn jersey cards, meaning that the material is taken from a jersey worn by the athlete in an actual sporting event. Pretty cool eh? It means that Joey Votto actually wore the jersey during a MLB game and has since passed it on to the card companies to chop up and insert into cards!

Next is event-worn, which come from jerseys worn by the subject at a photo shoot or other non-athletic event such as autograph signings or public appearances. This is becoming more and more popular for companies because they can have events like “Rookie Premieres” where they have all the rookies for the upcoming season show up at one place and have them autograph a bunch of cards and also “wear” a whole bunch of jerseys that they can now say are “Event Worn”. While kinda lame, it is still a jersey the player actually wore…for a minute or two.

Finally there is game-issued, which are taken from jerseys issued to the player but never actually worn in competition if worn at all. This would be like if a team orders 10 jerseys for Todd Frazier but he only wore 5 of them through the season the other 5 are “game-issued” and can be sold by the team as such. These jerseys have no connection with the player other than their name on the back and the card companies can purchase them for less than “game-used” ones.

Over the past few years there has been a flood of “event-worn” jersey cards, so much so that the “game-used” cards are going up in value while the “event-used” ones are dropping. Which leads to a discussion on whether the “event-used” cards should even be used at all. Most collectors are just happy to have a few more cool looking cards come from their box of cards that they don’t care where the jersey came from. But on the other hand there is a large group of collectors that are getting tired of them and would love to see them go away. Possibly being replaced with more autographs or fewer “game-used” cards to help them retain value.

Either side of the argument make compelling points but for the mean time card companies don’t seem to be backing off production of the jersey or “relic” cards because of some of the unique items that they have been able to use in these cards!

Give this video a watch to see what I mean:

Interesting stuff eh? It is amazing what they can do with t-shirts, towels, shoes and jerseys!

So where do you stand on the relic card issue? Like them? Dislike them? indifferent?
Let me know what you think by commenting below!!

-Joe the Card Collector-

Almost Perfect…


Last night, Yu Darvish almost cemented his name in the baseball history books.  At some point in the evening, you probably received texts from friends, saw crawler lines on your tv or saw the many tweets that were updating his progress and jinxing his results (allegedly). Even if you’re not a Ranger fan, you probably wanted to watch, because “27 up and 27 down” is exciting, and it’s history. When Travis Wood took the Phillies 8 2/3 innings of perfect baseball, I was in the frontier of Alaska and guess what – the Cincinnati Reds were on tv and everyone around the screen was cheering for our Reds, even though we were hundreds of miles from the nearest MLB ballpark. It’s that type of exciting.

That’s one of the things I love most about baseball – you never know when you’ll be in the presence of greatness to the extent of “forever” and “history books”.  You can try to calculate when season-long or career-long milestones might be reached, but baseball gives you the chance to see something rare and special EVERY SINGLE GAME.

Yu Darvish is a very good pitcher.  So is Mat Latos. Tonight at Great American Ballpark just might be one of those nights that 70,000 people claim “I was there” and Mat is given a new nickname a la Tom Browning.

Maybe not – but baseball gives you that opportunity to see history with every game.

Hello Everyone,…


Hello Everyone, 

My name is Richard and you will see Me and Greg posting on here on a regular basis from here on out about some of our favorite subjects including our Beloved Cincinnati Reds, Baseball, and just life in general.  Expect to hear from us this weekend as the Nationals Series continues and we are recording our First Pod on Monday.