I understand that there’s a potential trade candidate that would cause riots in the streets of Cincinnati. I get it. We all have our favorite players. And I know for a fact, that a few of you that will read this, are genuine fans of this particular player, and this is not addressed to you. You folks are Reds fans, start to finish. No beef.

I want to see some sort of logical, well thought out response from one of these “fans” that plan on “protesting” or ceasing to cheer for Cincinnati baseball if that dude is traded.

I’m not angry, in fact, you have every right to cheer for whomever, and however you like. But it concerns me, that one player defines you as a fan of this club. This is a business, and not all business decisions are easy. In fact, the toughest things in life, usually wind up being the most worthwhile. There is no guarantee that this trade even happens, but it seems to me that trading a guy that fills one hole, and acquiring multiple players that fill a range of issues is a wise move.

Regression at this point is inevitable, and if last season is any indication has already begun with Brandon. So what is the reason for clinging on to what will eventually be an albatross contract? Sentimental justification? If you’re using your heart to build a team, you’re going to lose a lot of games. If you can maximize a return on a player that is on the back nine of a career, you pull the trigger.

A lot of people love number 4, and I’m doing my best to keep my personal feelings out of this post. But I have to see some sort of logical, fact based response as to WHY this potential trade is a bad move.

Post below! Just a heads up, anything but respectful posts will be removed. This is a forum for open discussion, not an opportunity to make this a personal issues.

Intrigued for the replies!


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